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La chica del bar – A2 (Elementary)/Up to 4000 words

Are you moving forward from the beginner stage? Do you already dare to compromise in a little bit more complex reading? Can you handle Direct and Indirect Objects? Are you done with the contents marked as belonging to the A2 level according to the CEFR?

learn spanish with short stories


Felipe is an average guy with an average job. He goes to the bar “El unicornio azul” every day. His friend Pablo works at the bar. One day he sees a beautiful girl sitting at the bar’s counter. She doesn’t talk that much, doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t use a mobile phone. Who is this mysterious girl? What is she looking for?

Felipe es un tipo normal con un trabajo normal. Él va todos los días al bar “El unicornio azul”. En el bar trabaja su amigo Pablo. Un día ve una chica hermosa sentada en la barra del bar. Ella no habla mucho, no bebe alcohol y no usa teléfono móvil. ¿Quién es esa chica misteriosa? ¿Qué busca?


This book includes:

  • A glosary with vocabulary and full grammar explanations of some difficult structures.
  • Fun facts and details about the city of Buenos Aires and its culture.
  • A Spotify playlist with this story’s soundtrack: bands and songs that you can use to train your listening skills and further your knowdlege.


“When I started reading the story, I quickly felt I was actually drawn to the next sentence and then the next. Good read for sure in helping me to learn Spanish.”

– M. Osborne


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