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Learn Spanish
with Short Stories

Improve your Spanish skills by reading short stories that you can actually understand, even as a beginner!

Crafting the perfect story for a reader like you

learning spanish with short stories


Carefully crafted, planned and written by a native teacher, with over 10 years experience. You don’t have to wait until you're at an advanced level to read a whole story. You can start TODAY. Yes, even if you're a beginner. I’ll show you how.


The world is changing fast and the Spanish language is no exception! You’ll have a front-row-view of the real Spanish that lives in the streets: secrets, fillers, slang, controversial common uses, cool places, cultural movements and facts, and much more! You’ll surprise native speakers with your first-hand knowledge of the culture and language. Let me show you the real deal.


Spain? México? Argentina? Colombia? People speak Spanish here, there and everywhere. My short stories will help you get acquainted with many different varieties. Be no longer a stranger to any of them.


Learning doesn’t have to be boring. I made sure to write engaging plots and to add as many jokes as possible, so that you can learn while having a great time!

Learning is so much easier when you're enjoying what you're doing and Short Stories in Spanish is a great way to practice reading and learn some Spanish at the same time. Follow the adventures of Esteban in Buenos Aires and effortlessly improve your ability to read the Spanish language.
JC Bristol

Short stories you can actually understand

I follow Stephen Krashen’s Comprehensible Input premise, which points out that you can improve your Spanish skills, if you’re exposed to material (or “input”) that is slightly above your level. Why? Because you can still understand or infer the meaning by the context. This is the best way to acquire a language!

So, you can start from a story with a small amount of words (up to 2000) and build your way to being able to read up to 10000. Once this is easy for you, you’re ready to read any kind of books in Spanish and you don’t need graded material anymore.

learn spanish with short stories for beginners

Build the foundations to a solid learning



Up to 2000 words



Up to 4000 words



Up to 6000 words



Up to 8000 words

Can't find the story that suits you best? Hold on! More stories are coming soon.

I read "Un café en Buenos Aires" and it's an incredible story! It's fun to read and very easy to follow, because it's well written and the author provides you with a list of vocabulary and information about the context. I couldn't stop reading it! It's a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice Spanish as well as to learn a little bit more about the Argentinian culture! I can't wait to read more stories by Estefanía. I recommend this book 100% to all of those learners who would love to practice the language by immersing themselves in a great story and embarking in an advanture in one of the most interesting Spanish speaking countries in the world!
M. neumann
how to learn spanish with short stories

Learn Spanish with Short Stories

These are the 8 reasons why you should start learning and/or improving your Spanish with short stories. Download this easy-to-follow guide to discover why you need short stories in your life and how you can get the most out of them!